Privacy Policy

Our Policy for Protecting Personal Information

Understanding the importance of privacy protection in conducting business, it is our policy to ensure the appropriate use of personal information, as specified below, in
conformity with the new law entitled “Kozinjouhou Hogohou” (Privacy Protection Law) and the Guidelines for handling personal information in real state transactions issued by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

  1. Personal Information is used for the purpose of seeking clients for sale, purchase and lease contracts, and for providing various services as necessary in order to enter into these contracts, brokerage contracts, property management contracts and other related contracts for real estate transactions.
  2. To the extent necessary for accomplishing the various contracts stated in 1 above, personal information is provided to applicants or parties to the said contracts, real estate brokers or real estate network system that become involved in these transactions, as well as banking institutions for arranging loans, and judicialscriveners for registration of title transfers, and to a third party if approved specifically by the client.
    1. Personal information includes name, address, birth date, phone number, information regarding the property and the previous transactions and other
      information as deemed necessary to be provided for each case.
    2. The personal information is provided by letter, telephone, e-mail, and/or internet.
    3. At any time, we will discontinue providing personal information forthwith requested by the party concerned.
  3. We will use information about previous transactions to appraise a property for sale or lease, and may provide this information to applicants as the basis for our opinions that we are bound to disclose under Provision 2 of Article 34-2 of the Real Estate Transaction Law.
  4. As required under Article 49 of the Real Estate Transaction Law, we will keep said information as official record of our real estate transaction, as well as in a file of reference material.
  5. We will utilize personal information with sufficient care to prevent leeks of persona data when we answer various questions from our clients regarding property for sale or lease, or when we use personal information to execute the above-stated transactions.
  6. All inquiries or complaints regarding the use of personal information can be directed to our Takao Murayama, Sales Manager, at 03-3584-6171.
  7. We are required to keep all information we obtain through transactions strictly confidential and to not disclose it to a third party, pursuant to Articles 44 and 75-2 of the Real Estate Transaction Law.

Through regular training and education sessions, all of our staff members have become aware of the importance of protecting personal data. Clients can be assured that personal information will be utilized in conformity with the new law to protect personal information.

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Privacy Policy