About Us


Sun Realty has been a well-known name in Tokyo for more than 50 years. We have offered the foreign community a unique and unparalleled service: the highest quality accommodations available in Japan.

When Sun Realty was established in 1954, we were a pioneer in a new and undeveloped field—the only real estate company to serve the needs of the foreign community in Tokyo. Our philosophy of providing the finest quality properties, coupled with attentive service and good property maintenance in cooperation with Homat Homes Ltd. , an architect firm, propelled us to the forefront of the real estate field, where we remain today. In fact, the majority of foreign residents have found a home in Japan through Sun Realty.

Our client list reads like the Fortune 500. Our best advertising is the praise of our many satisfied clients.

SUN REALTY & INSURANCE CORPORATION:The Exclusive Agent of Homat Apartments and Homes